We've been around a while. 1986 was a great vintage. Starting our creative life working in print and exhibition design for the aerospace sector we now work with them all. Charities, engineering firms, Alcohol brands, Government organisations,  publishing houses to Independent schools.

About us

All the gear and all the ideas to work with your brand, products and services.

Yes we have Creatives, yes we have Artworkers, yes we have Web Designers, yes we have Copywriters, yes we have ideas people, print people, knowledgeable type people and even photography-type expert type people.

But that's not all; we have a warehouse, storing our clients' products and materials for all marketing rollouts and daily processing.

We aren't just a team; we're a community. And our world is deeply rooted in the process of design and colour.

And we have embraced online cloud-based tools to improve your campaign speed.  With interactive elements for proofing, sign off and delivery, we are your design team, an extension of you and your company.

Let's make your artwork deliver the best results.

Why Us?

Age doesn't make us slow, but we have some amazing experience to fall back on to make sure you get one amazing bang for your buck.

Our processes are slick and our account management is second to none.  We have all worked with large and small organisations that no matter the scale have one common thread: Project delivery, on time and within budget.

Meet our team

lawson (1)

Lawson Willett

Evil Dictator

MD of the CBF Group of companies, Lawson has been working in Print and Design for most of his career.

With experience in disrupting industries, stabilising regulators and FTSE 100 design and print workflow.


Steve Tustin

Creative Director

A seasoned creative. Steve heads up the major projects and rollouts of all larger projects as well as keeping his hand in creative artworking.

With experience in National Charities, Government agencies, Retail and Points of Sale.  Steve has managed projects for them all. A veritable who's who of large and strategic projects.


Sam Lewis

Steerer of ships and projects

Large Key Accounts are the lifeblood of Sam's life.  With words like Sachaai and Cadbury's on her CV, Sam has been managing design and project rollouts for most of her career.

Controlling the spends of Government & Police Departments, Global Regulators and National Charities.  Sam spends most of her time project planning and delivering campaigns for our most loved clients.

david (1)

David Reeves-James

Financial Controller

Keys to the safe, hands on the chequebook and controller of the payroll. David keeps us all in check with his mathematical, musical, spreadsheet-orientated mega-brain.


Adam Le Grand

Procurement Manager

The controller of our 700+ suppliers, Adam is is the king of plate spinning.  Handling print projects for every brand you can think of Adam has experience in everything from paper stocks and printing processes to direct mail, exhibition materials and promotional items.

Looking for help getting your project planned and structured? Adam's your man.


Danu Hewakodikarage

 Creative & Packaging Designer

Sri Lanka created a unique mould for designer Danu.  With years in design and creative planning, Danu has learnt his trade over the years dealing with brands of all shapes and sizes.

Is packaging design and 3d rendering experience is second to none. helping product launch, rebrand and keep those all-important supermarkets happy.


Steve Adamson

Fulfilment / Warehouse MD

There isn't a person alive that knows more about storage, product fulfilment, couriers and the Royal Mail. 

Steve has been looking after our warehouses and products for years with his team to help kit build and process ecommerce orders from all over the world. 


Lisa Hovey

Warehouse Administrator

Everyone needs support.  With years of experience working with Sainsburys helping their logistics run smoothly.

Lisa knows how to help you get your products to jump through the right regulatory hoops, customs clearance, duties to be paid and how to organise processes to keep that all-important positive feedback rolling in from your clients. 


Becky Hoyle

Head of Communications

Queen of all wordsmiths.  Becky and her team steer industries, control opinion and make you look stunning, sexy and appealing to all that you want to attract. - through words, not miracles. 

Becky loves all things disruptive. She has a passion for blockchain, IPOs, crypto-currencies, craft beer and all things travel. A trained journalist, she has the listening ear of regulators and thought leaders across the globe.

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Branding Support and Project Rollouts

With CBF your brand is in safe hands. Using our online project management tools to work with us to create design briefs, comment on artwork as it's being created and sign off artwork all through a browser.


Graphic design

Our creatives and artworkers are perfectly positioned to use all Adobe's latest and greatest packages for retouching photos, designing packaging, product rollouts, artwork for print and online marketing.


Packaging Designs

We make items stand out on shelves. We promote your products in the way they deserve and we attract wanted attention from your product demographic.

Working with Supermarket Restrictions, Gadgets, Gifts, Luxury Product Manufacturers, Alcohol bottles & boxes, Fast Food products and Pet packaging. We have seen it all.

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No part of this website, its copy or imagery can be reproduced without prior written agreement. If you are looking for press material, please contact us prior to referencing the materials.

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