Gloucester Rugby Club

Who around Gloucester isn’t a fan of the Cherry and Whites?

There’s no place like Kingsholm to enjoy a game, where you really feel part of the atmosphere
wherever you are in the famous stadium. But the club wanted to evolve its core support into
something even more special - exclusive without being non-inclusive - by setting up an even-more-
supportive supporters’ club, as it were.

Our challenge was to brand the new membership and help promote it to fans who would take on
subscriptions for several years at a time, even gifting their membership to others.

We created the 1873 brand, based on the year the club was formed, and ten years on we’re proud
to have been involved, including creating marketing literature promoting membership, branding and
the bi-monthly top quality supporters’ magazine which we both produced and distributed.

Across customised comfortable stadium seats and car parking spaces to VIP entry, discounts
and gifts, the brand is still fostering loyalty and bringing in regular funds for this top club.

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