How did we get here?

In today’s digital world, most people can pretty much work anywhere from anywhere else.
Back in the 1990s it was a bit of a yuppie dream to have a waiter bring you a telephone on the
beach, because you were so important you couldn’t leave work behind completely. But of course the
emergence of mobile phones and laptops and the roll-out of connectivity across the world changed
our horizons.

But we are personally proud that some of our team hark back to the days when producing a print ad
in a magazine involved a whole slew of different people.

There were the creatives, drawing scamps with marker pens; the copywriters crafting punchy
headlines, relaying the message; the desktop publishers tweaking the kerning and the ems and ens;
the photographers taking hours on each individual image; reams of print-outs which were turned
into film, then physically cut and pasted (scalpel and spray mount, no ‘CONTROL-C’ here) and sent
across town to be turned into bromides. Heard of bromides?

And at every stage the client had to give physical sign-off.

CBF Creative Designers

Meanwhile, the job traffickers kept shouting at the invariably early (or more usually, late) cycle
couriers keeping the bits of artwork moving around town, and finally, finally, everything was ready
as final pieces of film to be sent to the publisher.

Sometimes all of this was needed just for a change in a coupon code.

And then, the ad for a widget, a piece of Cat5 cable, or a motherboard, or something else that
nobody really understood, appeared in print in a technical magazine. Only to have readers flick past
it as they hardly noticed the ads that you’d sweated blood over, and the paper ended up in the bin.
(This was the ‘90s after all, we hadn’t really heard of recycling back then.)

Why is all this important? In some ways it isn’t.

We have all moved on so far now, we’ve done away with film and printing plates and the need for
bike couriers as now everything is done pretty much at the touch of a button. Artwork designed,
copy written, campaigns finalised, all approved and sent to print digitally. But as our team learnt it
the hard way, it’s left us with a genuine respect for the work that should go into anything creative.
And that’s a good thing.

This is the kind of company we mix with now and they keep coming back for more. We must be doing something right.

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Bees & Co
New House Textiles
Direct Mail Design
Gloucester Rugby Club
Mahouts Elephant Foundation
Blue Cross
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