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We’ve been working for some time with Lenovo, one of the biggest technology companies in the
world with operations in more than 60 countries and selling its products in around 160 countries.

High-tech and high-end, Lenovo-branded products themselves are generally less well-known in the UK than their subsidiaries which might be branded IBM or Motorola, so we were working with an exciting brief.


Among the projects we successfully undertook were the regular range of leaflets, print and exhibition materials around new product launches, such as the ThinkStation workstation range, salesforce battle cards, stickers, and even hazard tape used to cordon off key areas at exhibitions – guaranteed to raise interest and awareness.

We were also excited to work alongside their Lenovo Explorer Virtual Reality teams promoting the new headsets – going to be the future not just of gaming but of education, travel and sensory experiences

Industry leaders in their field. Lenovo owners of IBM and Motorola, pull in technology from this vast resource to provide solutions to the largest organisations in the world.

We have supported them for years with specification marketing materials for product launches, exhibition materials and promotional giveaway designs.

Their colour calibrated monitors were so good to test and photograph that we ended up using them in our studio as they fair better than the rest!

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